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Air entrainers for mortar, plaster and renders


In different types of mortar, plaster and renders, the controlled formation of air entrainment will improve the product greatly.Besides reducing weight and costs, entrapped air with Unger surfactants will increase the workability, the affinity and the durability of the end product. Depending on local conditions, type of mortar or plaster in question, we can recommend highly functional products for different applications.

Why choose UFAPORE T?

UFAPORE T-range covers air entrainers needed, depending on amount, stability and structure of the entrapped air. UFAPORE T-range is suitable for both mechanically and manually applied plasters, mortars and renders. For the manufacturer of dry mix mortars we have developed products that are free flowing powders, easy to handle, and easy dosing. You can make your choice of air entraining agent depending on properties.

Product variants

Product name CAS Number Applications Chemical Composiiton % active % Naturally derived pH Appearance Color
UFAPORE TFA 85586-07-8 Air entrainers for mortar and plaster Sodium LauryI Sulphate 94% 100% Powder
UFAPORE TAE 85586-07-8 Air entrainers for mortar and plaster Sodium LauryI Sulphate 95% 100% Agglomerates
UFAPORE TLA 85586-07-8 Air entrainers for mortar and plaster Sodium LauryI Sulphate 96% 100% Agglomerates, dust free
UFAPORE TCO 68439-57-6 Air entrainers for mortar and plaster Alpha Olefin Sulphonate 92% 0% Powder
Product name

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