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Unger is passionate about developing solutions for the future, which allows everyone a cleaner everyday life

About Unger

Unger Fabrikker A.S is one of Europe’s leading producers of anionic surfactants, and the only one of it’s kind in Scandinavia. Unger manufactures and exports throughout the world, a wide variety of surfactant raw materials applied in household detergents, personal care and institutional products, as well as functional additives for industrial applications. A sophisticated, world scale production plant using the latest technology, with a consistent high quality and a well developed distribution system – together with an advantageous location with its own harbour, makes Unger a completely reliable global partner.

Since the start in 1922, Unger has established what we proudly believe is the most comprehensive network of agents and distributors around the world, all dedicated to meet the requirements of modern industry.

Unger’s product range comprises workhorse surfactants for high volume applications, tailormade products for special use and concentrates preblended to customers specification for the most convenient handling.

With the highest commitment to customer support and rapid service, we aim to be second to none in providing satisfaction for our customers.

Wherever you are and whenever you need the power of surface chemistry, call on your Unger representative for more information.


Unger's vision

 Through innovation and development of the future`s sustainable alternatives, Unger aim to be the preferred supplier in longterm partnerships with a wide range of customers.

We will manage our social responsibilities and be a transparent and engaged part of our local community in order to be the preferred environmental conscious work place.


Unger's values

We are focused on finding solutions, flexible and eager to satisfy our customer`s requirements in the best way.

Our core values are transparency, credibility and social responsibility.

Unger invites to cooperation and exchange of ideas and thoughts for mutual development. We are focused on having a good reputation and aim to meet everyone with generosity.

The history

Unger is a cornerstone company in the city of Fredrikstad and forms an important part of the city’s industrial history.

Throughout it’s 100 years, Unger has gone through both good and bad times, but has always manged to overcome difficulties and develop even further.

Today, Unger is one of the world’s foremost companies within it’s field.



Do you want to join our team in developing the future of sustainable products?

With the highest commitment to customer support and rapid service, we aim to be second to none in providing satisfaction for our customers.