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Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Concept

Unger’s approach has been to prove the concept of robust EOR using low salinity water (LSW) with surfactant and polymer.

Several experiments, tests and analysis have been performed together with our partners, external research institutes and oil companies, to ensure realistic and accurate test conditions. The surfactants do not only have to perform well regarding ability to mobilize oil, they do also need to be efficiently implemented into the injection water at the desired localization.

The logistical solutions and economical aspects of performing an EOR operation especially offshore are key parameters to overcome. We have therefore worked to simplify surfactant flooding processes and to maximize oil recovery per unit surfactant by finding synergism between LSW, surfactant and polymer. The Strategic location of our production plant by the North Sea delivers a cost efficient production process. It makes it possible to achieve a coverage of solutions through local deliveries of high active surfactants.

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Our Supply Chain is global in terms of sourcing material and meeting customer demands all over the world. We handle all modes of transport and Unger is dedicated to deliver customer value across the value chain.

Health, safety and the environment

Ufaflow Surfactants for the oil and gas industry is specifically characterized and regulated under the Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNOF) and are ready to be used at NCS.

Quality assurance and quality control

Unger is certified to ISO 9001:15. All substances produced are registered in REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) or are planned to be registered in REACH after a new product development period.


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