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Personal Care

Unger manufactures and supplies a wide range of surfactants such as ether sulphates, lauryl sulphates, sodium alkyl sulphates, coco sulphates, concentrated blends and coconut fatty acid diethanolamide.

Fatty Alcohol Sulphates (FAS)
UFAROL T is a product range of dry FAS.
Concentrated blends
Our anionics are blended as combinations with other active ingredients.
Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanolamide
Ufanon KDS is well suited as a foam stabiliser in all types of detergents.
Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulphates (FAES)
The products are very common to use in personal care products because of the mild performance in the cleaning process and because of the rich and stable foaming capabilities.
Fatty Alcohol Sulphates (FAS)
Ufarol is a product range of liquid FAS.

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