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Sustainability is central in our culture, being a key element in our strategy for future development and growth.

Ungers purpose

Unger develops and produces surfactants that are used every day to make peoples lives better. That way, Unger is contributing to a safe, functional and sustainable future, both today and for the coming generations. 

That’s why we say: Unger is passionate about developing solutions for the future, which allows everyone a cleaner everyday life.


Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability report

Each year Unger releases a comprehensive report regarding our work with corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

We analyze the results of our goals, and map out new goals for the upcoming year, always rooted in how Unger can contribute to a safe, functional and sustainable future.

The report for 2022 is available below, both to view and to download.

Read or download our latest Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability report here:
Download the brochure:

How Unger is working with sustainability

Companies’ relationship to sustainability is influenced by the consumer: you and me. Consumers demand products and solutions that are climate-friendly, maintain biodiversity and that show a transparent value chain.

Unger’s customers (B2B) have their own sustainability strategies and goals to which Unger wants to make a positive contribution. At the same time, our customers want to build value creation for their brands, and we achieve this with our products and services.

These two aspects are in addition to our own interests in sustainability. We want to perform for our owners, employees, authorities, customers, and the market. We want to create a competitive edge in our industry.

Unger is working towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We have defined three main focus areas – climate footprint, respect for the human being and innovative and environmentally friendly solutions – then chosen five of the development goals to give extra attention across these focus areas. 

Climate footprint

Respect for thehuman being

Innovative andenvironmentally friendlysolutions

good health

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Our products are made with a focus on quality and sustainability through the whole value chain.

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