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Sustainability Goals

Unger is working towards UN’s sustainable development goals. Here you can read more about our main focus areas.



Climate footprint


  • We aim to achieve full understanding of the impact the UN`s Sustainable Development Goals will have on Unger and our branch of business.

  • We aim to integrate sustainability in our Business- and Risk Management in order to strengthen our competitive ability and our reputation, and best position ourselves for new opportunities.



We aim to :

  • Finalize the HIØ Student project with support from NORSUS.
  • Establish 1. edition of LCA for 2 main product groups.
  • Expand the possibilities for more climate friendly products and solutions.
  • Reduce our Energy consume.
  • Map and reduce waste and emissions.
  • Become certified according to ISO 14001- Environmental Management by Q4 2022. 
  • Find numerical values for the zero point 2016.

Respect for the human being


  • We will continuously work with Development of Competence on all levels; personal, team and organisation.

  • We will continuosly develop our internal and external cooperation in order to establish unique international competitiveness.



  • ISO 45001 -Health and Safety Management Certification by Q4 2022. 
  • Reduce dust in our P-plant.
  • Map and evaluate our Fatty alcohol and Packaging Suppliers` ethical values by Q2 2021.
  • Noise reduction towards our neighbours and installation of noise- reduction device for our P-plant.

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Our products are made with a focus on quality and sustainability through the whole value chain.

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