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Sulphonates, Sulphates, Ether Sulphates


The most important application in this field is the use of surfactants for the production of PVA, E-PVC, SBR and PMMA. Surfactants have an important role in the emulsion polymerization processes; formation of micelles, stabilising the monomer droplets and the polymerized latex particles.

Why choose UFAPOL?

Unger UFAPOL range is composed of high quality anionic emulsifiers with specifications particularly accommodated for the high requirements of the emulsion polymerisation industry. The UFAPOL range is characterised by low levels of electrolyte and non-reacted material, very low levels of bi-products, consistent and well-defined raw material sources, light colour, pH and electrolyte tolerance and they are readily biodegradable. 
  • Good mechanical stability
  • Minimum rewetting properties
  • Requirements for well defined particle size distribution
  • Need for effective and efficient emulsifier at low levels of addition
  • Optimum thermal, pH and electrolyte tolerance
  • Ecological and toxicological safe handling
  • Good compatibility with other process chemicals
  • Optimum cost-performance and availability
  • Low VOC
  • Free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Easy to handle
  • FDA approved

Product variants

Product nameCAS NumberApplicationsChemical Composiiton% activePhAppearanceColor
Ufapol EPL 2568411-30-3Plastics and polymer dispersionsLinear Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulphonate25%LiquidAmber
Ufapol SLS 3085586-07-08Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium LauryI Sulphate30%Liquid
Ufapol TEP 285586-07-08Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium LauryI Sulphate94%Needles
Ufapol TEP 2 P85586-07-08Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium LauryI Sulphate95%Powder
Ufapol TEP 46091648-54-3Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium Alkyl Sulphate92%Needles
Ufapol SAS 91184501-49-5Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium Alkyl Sulphate38%Liquid
Ufapol EPN 268891-38-3Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (2 EO)27%Liquid
Ufapol EPO 39004-82-4Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium Alkyl Ether Sulphate (3 EO)28%Liquid
Ufapol EPO 79004-82-4Plastics and polymer dispersionsSodium Alkyl Ether Sulphate (7 EO)24%Liquid

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