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Concentrated blends


UFABLEND is our tailor made blends and work efficiently in different applications areas like hard surface, car wash, high concentrated liquid detergent and dish washing. The blends are concentrated and can easily be diluted to prepare the end product. UFABLEND simplifies our customers manufacture process, helping them save time and formulation cost. One step away from your formulated product. The UFABLEND is excellent for cleaning grease and oil. It is effective in both hard and soft water.

Why choose UFABLEND?

  • Excellent cleaning
  • High foaming properties
  • Efficient in soft and hard water
  • Easy to dilute
  • Pale yellow paste

Product variants

Product nameCAS NumberApplicationsChemical Composiiton% active% Naturally derivedpHAppearanceColor
Ufablend DCHard surface, car wash, high concentrated liquid detergent, dish washingAnionic67%0%PastePale yellow

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