Unger Surfactants is the worlds leading company in producing dry anionic surfactants. Based on our our extensive knowledge in both drying technology and our customers needs and demands, we have developed a wide range of dry products.


Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS)

UFARYL® product line is based on LAS and contains 80 - 90 % active surfactant with different salts added for enhanced functionality.

The products are free flowing powders with excellent detergency and wetting properties.

Ufaryl® products are developed for use as the main or complimentary active ingredient in WC-blocks, detergent powders, blocks and tablets as well as powdered cleaning compositions.

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Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulphates (FAES)

The products are very common to use in personal care products because of the mild performance in the cleaning process and because of the rich and stable foaming capabilities. The products are 70 % concentrates, but also available in diluted liquid form. The diluted (28 %) versions are ready to use products, easy to handle for making the customers final product, avoiding the gelation problems during the thinning process.

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Fatty Alcohol Sulphates (FAS)

UFAROL T is a product range of dry fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS) for detergent and personal care applications. UFAROL T products are available as powder, needles and agglomerates with free flowing properties.

This range contains dry fatty alcohol sulfates based on renewable oleo chemical feedstock, as well as synthetic feedstock.

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Concentrated blends

Our anionics are blended as combinations with other active ingredients. These special tailor made blends works efficiently in different main applications areas.

The blends are concentrated, so dilution is necessary to prepare the end product, most efficiently done by use of warm water. This process is the only step the customer must perform in order to make his final formulated product.

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Fatty Alcohol Sulphates (FAS)

Ufarol is a product range of liquid FAS. The products are available in diluted liquid form, which avoids gelation problems.

FAS is a green alternative, an active and effective ingredient in all kinds of cleaning products.

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Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA)

Ufacid is a product range of LABSA used as a general anionic surfactant ingredient in a wide range of cleaning applications.

In order to obtain the detergency effect, the Ufacid needs to be neutralized during the customers formulation process.

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Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS)

UFASAN is a product range of liquid LAS. These products are available as free flowing liquids (35%) and high active pastes (50-65%).

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Made from fatty alcohole C9-C11 with different grades of etylenoxide. The higher EO number the better water solubility.

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Ufanon KDS and Ufanon CAPB

An amphoteric cocoamidopropyl betain produced from coconut oil

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