Gypsum plasterboard

Foaming agents plays a major role in reducing the density of the board, which allows for ease of handling, thermal insulation, sound proofing, shorter drying times and savings in raw material cost.

The conditions at different gypsum board plants vary with raw materials and production methods. Due to the environmental differences in every gypsum board plant, Unger Functional materials have developed several foaming agents called UFAPORE GP. Each UFAPORE GP product has outperforming properties and are excellent foaming agents in their own defined environments.

By choosing the right type of foaming agents you are able to improve line speed and production capacity and at the same time reduce consumption of aggregates both at standard board production and hydrophobic boards (green boards).

The foam makes a difference – Unger UFAPORE GP products.                  

Product nameChemical compositionAppearance @ RTActive content
Ufapore GP 413 Surfactant mixture, sodium salt Light yellow liquid ~ 30%
Ufapore GP 3 Fatty alcohol ether sulphate, sodium salt Light yellow liquid ~ 31%
Ufapore GP 6 Fatty alcohol ether sulphate, ammonium salt Light yellow liquid ~ 60%
Ufapore GP XP Fatty alcohol ether sulphate, ammonium salt Light yellow liquid ~ 74%


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Our product range is subject to continous development and change. The guide contents represents our standard product range. Customized products can be made available upon request

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